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Self Storage Buildings and your confidential information
Oct 09, 2017

Self Storage Buildings and your confidential information

The other day I was walking through the hallways of a self storage unit and I kept thinking of the hit TV show “Storage Wars”.  I wondered how many of these units contain boxes of personal and business confidential information or computer hard drives and any computer hardware.  A self storage unit is not a reliable place to store sensitive  confidential documents.

Here are a few reasons to understand where your confidential information is:

#1. Understanding the managers or other employees who have access to the storage unit.  How much employee turnover happens in your business?  Do you track who has keys or access to the storage units?

#2.  Who has an inventory of the documents being stored?  If any document is needed how quickly can it be found and what condition is the document in?

#3.  In the case of any lawsuit, all information and records are subject to discovery.  The answer “no one knew it was there” is not an acceptable answer.

#4.  Although self storage have security cameras and other security measures in place, you can not protect against burglary and other break-ins where theft occurs in storage units.

#5.  Do you know the condition of the storage unit?  Is there water damage or did a critter gain access and begin destroying your documents?

There are many other reasons not to store information in self – storage units. If this article raises an eyebrow or makes you think about how and where your information is stored then call Chesapeak Shredding.  We can purge any confidential information or hard drives that can help protect your business.  We also can begin to turn documents and confidential information into soft files that are encrypted and stored in the cloud   Give us a call 410-322-8700 or visit us on Facebook  to discuss options to help your business.

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